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Labor Day Hours

Labor Day

Saltzer Health is celebrating Labor Day: September 4, 2023. At Saltzer Health, we honor the hardworking individuals who contribute to our community and nation. As you enjoy this well-deserved day off, take the time to relax and celebrate with family and friends.

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Imaging Services 24 Hours a Day

CT Scan

The cost and availability of medical imaging varies greatly. At Saltzer Health, we seek to lower costs and improve access by providing some imaging services twenty-four hours a day.

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Independence Day Hours

4th of July

Saltzer Health is celebrating Independence Day: July 4, 2023. Wishing you a wonderful and memorable 4th of July filled with joy, laughter, and good health!

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Memorial Day Hours

Memorial Day

Saltzer Health is celebrating Memorial Day: May 29, 2023. On this Memorial Day, we invite you to pause and remember the brave souls who have given their lives in service to our country. Their legacy calls upon us to selflessly serve our cherished communities, extending kindness and understanding to all.

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What to Do if You Drink Contaminated Water

Bad Water

Waterborne illness is primarily caused by swallowing contaminated recreational or drinking water. Many waterborne pathogens can also be acquired by consuming contaminated food or beverages, from contact with animals or their environment, through person-to-person spread or breathing in contaminated water droplets.

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