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Saltzer Health Important FAQ

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Patient Questions (17)

All patient medical records will be maintained per required rules and regulations. We will be working with a third-party vendor to support all future medical record requests. We are in the process of selecting this vendor. As soon as they are secured, we will share with you and our patients.

Patient medical records will be securely stored during our transition, closure/sale and post-closure/post-sale.

Until March 29, patients can access their medical records by contacting us. After March 29, patients can access their medical records through our secure third-party vendor, who will be identified in the coming weeks or potentially through the new company in the event of a sale.

Patients should begin looking to transition their care to an ongoing medical provider. With that said, Saltzer Health providers and caregivers will be able to provide most clinical care until our closure.

Patients will be supported in transitioning to an ongoing care provider. Care that is currently being provided will be able to continue until closure or until sale. Specific clinical situations will need to be managed on a case-by-case basis. We are committed to doing the best we can for every patient given the current situation.

We recognize and support the importance of prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum care for pregnant patients and their families. While we will not be able to continue providing this care through Saltzer Health as we do today, we will work to help impacted patients to find new care teams to support them in their pregnancy and birth journeys.

We will inform patients and the public of these changes and available options through digital channels, phone systems, and signage. Patients will also receive a written letter notifying them of the changes and their options moving forward.

Patients who are scheduled past the last day for care will be notified and informed of our pending closure or sale. Our goal is to support all patients to find ongoing care providers in the community.

Other healthcare entities and referring providers will be alerted through our media channels and/or direct conversations.

Patients will need to work with their provider and care team to determine the best plan for medication refills. As patients transition their ongoing care to providers in the community, medication refills will need to come through their new care team.

We currently anticipate the closure or sale(s) to take place the week of March 26, however this is subject to change. Some clinics may need to close or transition earlier based on staffing and other considerations. We will work closely with each team to coordinate details as we proceed. All operations will cease or be sold March 29.

We will do everything we can to ensure seamless handoffs and that appropriate care is delivered to our patients. Because every patient is different, individual plans will be made as needed.

All Saltzer patients will be impacted since we are closing or selling all of our current operations.

Saltzer Health is currently in discussions with other healthcare companies and we are optimistic they may purchase some of our operations. Depending on the outcome of these conversations, you may be able to continue to receive care from your current provider. You will be informed as more information becomes available following a potential agreement.

You can speak with your provider or email outstanding questions to, or call
(208) 463-3189.

Medical Records requests can be emailed to or by calling 208-463-3189

The provider directory will be kept current with the plans of your provider. Please visit to stay up to date.