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Saltzer Health cardiology offers Zio® patch mobile cardiac monitoring system

20th April, 2022 | Published by Saltzer Health

Zio Patch

A mobile patch-style device that provides up to 14 days of uninterrupted comprehensive heart monitoring is available now at Saltzer Health.

The cardiac monitor is useful in assessing patients who are experiencing a fast heart rate, fluttering, palpitations, light headedness or other symptoms, said Tom Hunt, a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer and director of cardiology at Saltzer Health.

“The small cardiac monitor device is discreetly worn on a patient’s chest and captures data about the heart rate and rhythm for a 14-day period. It collects data that allows our caregivers to more appropriately diagnose patients with cardiac arrhythmias and often aides in our assessments regarding the appropriate next steps in a patients cardiac care plan,” he said.

The device is water-resistant and minimally invasive.

To learn more about the Zio cardiac monitoring system, see  or call Saltzer Health cardiology at 208-960-0740 or fax a request to 208-960-0745.

Zio Patch Flyer

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