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Meet the Provider – Jonathon Wolf, MD

21st July, 2021 | Published by Saltzer Health


Dr. Wolf specializes in orthopaedic surgery and sub-specializes in foot and ankle surgery, including deformity correction. He also performs total ankle replacements and is skilled in the operative and non-operative treatment of general orthopaedic injuries. In the following video, Dr. Wolf explains the why and how behind him becoming a professional in his field of medicine. He also explains how the facilities of Saltzer Health helps optimize the patient care experience.


My favorite part of my job is seeing a patient come in with some sort of injury, being able to diagnose it, and get them literally back on their feet and active in activities that they enjoy. My name is Jonathon Wolf. I’m an Orthopedic surgeon with Saltzer Health. I’m originally from the Treasure Valley. I was born and raised in Boise then I left for my medical training and return back to the Treasure Valley about 6 years ago and now I perform Orthopedic surgery with an emphasis in Foot and Ankle at Saltzer Health. I selected Foot and Ankle Orthopedics because I found it to be one of the more challenging aspects that allowed me to do the wide variety of techniques within the Orthopedic specialty. The new facilities is great and I mean obviously it’s fun to be in a place that’s brand new, bright shiny, and has great amenities but it’s nice and centrally located for a lot of my patients. I have patients that come from the Ontario/Fruitland area and I have patients in downtown Boise and everywhere in between so it’s nice having a location that can catered to each of them. I think the thing that my patients recognize and appreciate the most is probably the kind of one stop shopping aspect of this facility. One, they can see us as providers here but you also have Advanced Imaging downstairs so if we need to send them out for an MRI ora CT scan they’re able to get that in the same location essentially and then should they need surgery we also have an ambulatory Surgery Center downstairs should the need arise. For me, one of the reasons Saltzer is a good place to work is I like the fact that we can have a team-based focus for patient care. For instance we get patients out of urgent care who get referred to us. We can keep their Imaging in house and provide that pretty quickly. If then we need to provide surgery we can do it at our Surgery Center downstairs and if we need to collaborate with our primary care provider colleagues or any of the other positions that Saltzer has in-house, we have a nice collaborative capability here.

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Jonathon Wolf

Jonathon Wolf


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