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Leap into Spring: Expert Tips from Caleb Malvini, DPT to Dodge Pain and Injuries

12th April, 2023 | Published by Saltzer Health

Woman getting ready to run

As the weather gets warmer and we all become more active, the risk of pain and injuries increases. Caleb Malvini, DPT, a physical therapist at Saltzer Health, an Intermountain Health Company, shares simple tips to help you avoid injuries and maintain your fitness this spring.

What Are Common Springtime Injuries?

Caleb Malvini treats a variety of similar injuries during the spring months, often resulting from increased activity levels. Common complaints include:

  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee pain

These issues can affect not only those who have been inactive but also individuals who regularly go to the gym.

Why Do Injuries Happen More in Spring?

The transition from a season of less activity to one of increased activity can be challenging for our bodies. At the gym, movements are controlled and follow a specific path. However, when doing yard work or outdoor activities, these movements become more dynamic, leading to a higher risk of injury.

What Can You Do to Prevent Injuries?

Caleb suggests a few simple steps to prevent injuries during the spring season:

  1. Perform gentle stretches: Keep your soft tissues in good working order by doing regular, gentle stretches. This helps maintain flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.
  2. Start slow and increase gradually: Avoid doing too much too fast. Begin with a manageable level of activity and increase your physical activity by about 10% each week.
  3. Stay active throughout the year: Remaining active, even during colder months, will help prevent injuries when spring arrives. Don’t spend months on the couch watching Netflix, only to jump into intense physical activity.

How Can You Safely Transition into Springtime Activities?

To safely transition into spring, consider these tips from Caleb Malvini:

  • Warm-up before any physical activity to help prepare your body for the increased workload.
  • Listen to your body and be mindful of any pain or discomfort.
  • Seek professional advice if you are unsure of how to properly perform an activity or if you experience pain that doesn’t improve with rest.

By following Caleb’s advice and taking it slow, you can enjoy the beautiful spring weather while minimizing the risk of pain and injury.

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