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Faces of Saltzer – Candy Pauley

July 16, 2019 6:50 am | Published by

Faces of Saltzer – Candy Pauley

Candy Pauley knew in her heart that she was destined to work at Saltzer. A patient for 17 years, she has long admired the organization. “I’ve just always loved Saltzer,” she says.

Before joining Saltzer in 2006, Pauley worked for 15 years at the Zilog manufacturing plant. She retrained and learned new computer skills so she could apply for a job at Saltzer.

Pauley is a customer service representative at the South clinic on Hawaii Ave., where she greets every visitor with a big smile at the main entrance. Pauley guides patients to their doctors, provides medical records, handles mail returns, answers building questions and takes payments.

No matter the task, she believes in “putting the patient first.”

Even the lost and found benefits from Pauley’s special touch. She loves helping people. “It’s very rewarding when people come back six months and find their glasses or their wedding ring,” she says.

A Canyon County resident, Pauley has been married for 45 years. She and her husband have two kids and four grandchildren.

After a major weight loss, Pauley is proud to become a role model of good health. “I feel great and have tons of energy,” she says.

What’s most special about her job at Saltzer Health? “The people are the most caring, kind, generous and thoughtful people I have worked with,” she says. “I consider them family.”


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This post was written by Amy Stahl