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Dr. Winegar shares advice about when to see a physician about your child’s injury

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Dr. Winegar shares advice about when to see a physician about your child’s injury

Jonathan Subaitani, PA with Saltzer Health explains what a sports physical is and the importance of getting one before starting sports.

Dr. Corbett Winegar MD with Saltzer Health explains why it's important to stay active in a pandemic in order to prevent injury.

Pohley Richey, Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer with Saltzer Health explains the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and how it can help your heart health.

Dr. Freeman discusses the importance of prostate health, why men should be screened & where to receive care.

Dr. Davidson with Saltzer Health discusses breast cancer awareness

Dr. Byron Knowles explains current and future health risks with childhood obesity and how to help.

Dr. Axtell explains the benefits of getting the flu shot

Medical Minute: The importance of sports physicals and what to expect with Dr. Knowles

Maria Torres, Saltzer Health Behavioral Health Consultant discusses the importance of taking one day at a time.

Kathy Watkins - Nurse Midwife with Saltzer Health discusses what to expect as a new parent

How to Manage Arthritis with Dr. Wolf

How to Treat & Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries with Dr. Jonathon Wolf, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Stacy Chessmore, RN at Saltzer Health discusses 5 new Saltzer Health urgent care locations in the Treasure Valley

Dr. Chlebeck speaks on how to stay safe while spending more time outdoors

Dr. Kasper gives advice and reassurance for expecting mothers during the pandemic

Dr. Copeland gives advice on helping teens support the need to stay safe during the pandemic

Dr. Omer discusses COVID-19 and helping kids understand

Dr. Rasmus has some tips on how we an all make sure we’re getting enough sleep during this health crisis

Dr. Richardson of Saltzer Health discusses how to manage our overall wellness during stressful times.

Dr. Bill Jensen discusses Fatty Liver Disease, and how it can lead to other health issues

How Home Healthcare can help with Nichole Clairborn

Dr. Joel Lans shares advice on how we can better navigate colon cancer.

Dr. Chebleck discusses arthritis and possible treatments

Dr. Mark Rasmus speaks on sleep deprivation in children.

Women’s health issues can easily be overlooked, Dr. Kasper, OBGYN at Saltzer Health, makes Women’s wellness a priority

Dr. Chebleck at Saltzer Health discusses how to prevent winter sports injuries.

Saltzer Health VP/COO Matt Kaiserman discusses the important topic of concussions and young athletes.

Dr. Kasper OBGYN at Saltzer Health discusses the benefits of a team-based approach while treating patients.

Dr. Rasmus of Saltzer Health discusses various sleep disorders.

Dr. Megan Kasper of Saltzer Health discusses expecting mothers’ health, physically & mentally.

Dr. Erik Richardson of Saltzer Health shares diet and health tips for 2020.

Dr. Erik Richardson of Saltzer Health discusses how a healthy lifestyle can help you avoid diabetes.

Dr. Mark Rasmus of Saltzer Health discusses how a good night’s rest can improve your overall health.

Dr. Mark Rasmus of Saltzer Health discusses the role that obstructive sleep apnea plays in a lack of rest and overall health.

Dr. John Kaiser, CEO of Saltzer Health Clinics, discusses the attention to care over a patient’s lifetime.

Medical Minute: CEO of Saltzer Health, Ed Castledine, shares what the future of Saltzer Health looks like.

Medical Minute: Tommy Ahlquist discusses the expansion of Saltzer Health and their focus on the delivery of care