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RSV GRACE Study Conducted by Saltzer Research

23rd August, 2021 | Published by Saltzer Health

Grace Study

What is RSV?

  • Enveloped single-strand RNA pneumovirus within the Paramyxoviridae family
    – 2 main subgroups: A/B – antigenically related
  • In temperate climates, annual epidemics occur during winter
  • Circulation overlaps with seasonal influenza

Most common cause of ALRI in children <5 years, and a major cause of ALRI-associated hospitalisation

Who is most at risk of RSV?

  • Almost all children will have experienced an RSV infection by 2 years of age
  • Very young infants have the greatest risk of severe illness caused by RSV
  • The highest priority target population is the RSV-naïve child

There is currently no specific treatment or currently approved vaccine. The development of effective new vaccines … to tackle RSV have the potential to make major contributions to reducing severe disease and deaths from RSV in children globally.

What is GRACE study?

  • Phase 3 Global Clinical study
  • Approximately 10,000 pregnant women
  • Double-blind study
  • Single dose administered intramuscularly
  • Robust safety data is available from prior studies

What is the Purpose of the study?

  • Evaluate the ability of the vaccine in preventing medically assessed RSV associated Lower Respiratory Tract Illnesses (LRTIs) in infants born to vaccinated mothers.
  • Evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of the investigational RSV Maternal vaccine both in vaccinated mothers and in their corresponding infant.

Who is eligible to take participate in the study?

LEARN MORE: https://saltzerhealth.com/gsk-grace-maternal-rsv/