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Women’s Health Month: Caring for yourself

May 8, 2019 6:37 pm | Published by

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The month of May is Women’s Health Month. Dr. Megan Kasper with the Saltzer Health uses this time to discuss important health issues facing women. This issue is not only significant for women themselves, but also for the loved ones around them.  Some studies suggest the developmental outcomes for small children can be related to the mental and physical health of their mothers.

What determines good health? First and most importantly is to have an annual exam with your practitioner. The following are some of the major issues women need to address with their health.

Women and Heart Disease Prevention

  • Heart Disease: Leading cause of death for women in U.S.
  • Risk Factors for Heart Disease
    Diet of fats and cholesterol
    Excessive alcohol use
    Obesity/Physical Inactivity
    High Blood Pressure
    Tobacco use
    Family history of the disease

Mammography Awareness

  • Over 40? Get a mammogram yearly!
  • Take control of your breast health:
    Self-exam breasts monthly
    Speak to a doctor as soon as you notice a change
    Talk with other women about breast health!


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