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The Importance of Pediatric Care

March 21, 2019 2:59 pm | Published by

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Dr. Michael Aldous with Saltzer Medical Group discusses how regularly checking in with a doctor specializing in children and adolescents can benefit a child’s development.

Yearly check-ups that monitor various benchmarks can be used to find issues that may indicate significant health problems. Without routine examinations, tracking these trends can be very difficult. Also vaccines can be administered to help protect your children from seasonal flu viruses or other various diseases.

Education for the parents can be provided through regular visits to help create a full understanding of normal growth and development for their children. The sooner a developmental issue is found or diagnosed, the early therapy and treatment can be provided.

Pediatric Care

  • Provide advice to parents on discipline, safety and nutrition
  • Ensure babies and children are growing/developing properly
  • Provide appropriate vaccines
  • Treat acute and chronic illnesses
  • Act as a trusted adult to talk about bullying/depression


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