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Century Link Outage affects Saltzer Medical Group

December 27, 2018 7:15 pm | Published by

Originally aired on KIVI TV

A Century Link nation wide outage hits Idaho today. All businesses that use this Internet Service Provider have been impacted. Saltzer Medical Group is one such business making every effort possible to continue serving it’s clients while weathering this outage. The outage is not expected to be resolved until Friday morning the earliest. This time frame is only speculation and the outage may persist through the weekend.

Dr. John Freeman gives his two cents about today’s situation on KIVI TV.

“We just kind of went Old School…”

Even with the issues presented by today’s outage, patients are still being seen. Staff workers have scrambled to provide internet hot spots to see patient records and hard copy notes are being used as backup.

Saltzer Medical Group is happy to continue assisting it’s patients. For the time being we ask that contact with one of the six locations be made primarily via private message or text at 208-463-3000. Saltzer Medical Group employees will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible to your inquires.


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