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Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy


At Saltzer Health we’re committed to improving the health and well-being of our community. In 2021, we joined the Western Idaho Community Health Collaborative (WICHC), which is a multi-agency initiative that aims to bring together experts and funders to improve the social influencers of health. Our recent Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), conducted in partnership with many organizations in our community, provides valuable insights into our area’s most pressing health concerns.

The CHNA report is a comprehensive analysis that guides our efforts to address the health needs of our community. It’s a roadmap that helps us focus our resources where they’re needed most.

Here are the significant health priorities identified in our latest CHNA report:

  1. Safe, affordable housing and homelessness
  2. Behavioral health, including mental health and well-being, and substance misuse
  3. Access to affordable health care, including oral and vision health

These priorities guide our work, align with work across our system, and help us make a meaningful impact on the health of our community. We’re dedicated to addressing these issues and providing high-quality, accessible healthcare for all.

For a more detailed understanding of our community’s health needs, we invite you to read the full CHNA report here.

In addition to the CHNA report, there is a companion site, the Idaho Oregon Community Health Atlas. This new, public-facing allows residents, community organizations, policymakers, researchers and public health stakeholders to access and use data, to understand health disparities and drive change within their communities, as well as for grant writing and planning purposes.