Coronavirus (COVID-19): Updates and Resources

Health Education

Dr. Wolf talks about how to manage arthritis in feet and ankles

People who live with joint pain, swelling, and damage to joints caused by arthritis can suffer from mobility issues that can severely impact their daily lives. In this episode of the Saltzer Health Medical Minute, Dr. Jonathan Wolf shares information about arthritis prevention and treatment. Dr. Wolf is an orthopaedic surgeon and fellowship-trained foot and ankle…

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Dr. Brian Affleck explains new sleep apnea surgery in May 6 webinar

Learn more about a new outpatient surgical procedure for sleep apnea in a free educational webinar at 6 p.m. May 6 taught by Dr. Brian Affleck, a Saltzer Health ENT-Otolaryngologist. Inspire is a small device that works inside your body with your natural breathing process to treat obstructive sleep apnea. “While a patient sleeps, the…

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Dr. Katie Copeland offers advice for parents of teens during pandemic

Teens and young adults face unique challenges, especially during the pandemic. Dr. Katie Copeland, a family medicine provider at Saltzer Health, shares some helpful advice for parents on the KTVB Medical Minute. How can parents help their middle school and high schoolers stay safe? “Talk about their role in the community and their family and…

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Dr. Jesse Chlebeck says surgery is still an option for orthopedic emergencies

Even during a pandemic, accidents happen and people still get hurt. In an episode of the Saltzer Health KTVB Medical Minute, Orthopedic Surgeon Jesse Chlebeck, MD, provides information about how healthcare workers and hospitals are helping patients who may need emergency surgery. “We are not doing elective surgeries, but obviously people don’t stop getting injuries…

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Sleep Disorders: 6 Major Types of Sleep Issues and What to Do

It may be tempting to think of fatigue as a minor inconvenience rather than an indicator of a serious health issue, but that assumption may be dangerous. The consequences of sleep disorders range from behavioral issues to heart attacks, and it is absolutely possible for a serious sleep disorder to fly under the radar for…

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As a Boise State football player, Matt Kaiserman suffered a career-ending concussion. Now the VP/COO at Saltzer Health, he educates the community about prevention.

Matt Kaiserman was enjoying a stand-out season as a Boise State football player when he suffered a career-ending head injury in a post-season bowl game. Now the vice president/chief operating officer of Saltzer Health, Kaiserman is passionate about concussion prevention.  As a guest on the KTVB Medical Minute, Kaiserman told host Mellisa Paul that concussions…

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