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About Saltzer

Health Information Security

As a medical facility, Saltzer Health is subject to the rules and regulations of HIPAA, which exist to protect the privacy of your health information. To read our full policy in English Read HIPAA PolicyLea HIPAA Como centro médico, Saltzer Health está sujeto a las normas y regulaciones de HIPAA, que existen para proteger la privacidad de su información de salud. Para leer nuestra política completa en españolh Lea la política de HIPAAIf you wish to request copies of your health information, please use this HIPAA Release form. You will need to print and complete the form before returning it to Saltzer Health.

Vision, Mission and Values

vison mission and values

Guiding Principle

We are here because our patients choose us
Our vision is to be the first choice for health care in the community by:
  • Being dedicated to life long patient care
  • Building a healthy community
  • Providing access to the best, most comprehensive and technically advanced services
  • Exceeding expectations in all we do
To serve our patients in a manner worthy of their trust
Core Values
  • Committed to excellence
  • Guided by honesty and integrity
  • Dependent on teamwork and open communication
  • Devoted to serving people with respect, dignity and compassion
  • Dedicated to growth, creativity and innovation
  • Relentless in the pursuit of our mission

The Saltzer Story

Founded in 1961 by Dr. Joseph Saltzer, our organization is built on strong patient-doctor relationships that continue for generations.

Dr. Saltzer was born on an English immigrant ship heading to Canada. After settling with his family in Montreal, he earned a medical degree in 1935 from the prestigious McGill University in Quebec, Canada.

Dr. Saltzer completed his internship in New York City and started his medical career specializing in pathology. At the time, it was not unusual for pathologists to get tuberculosis and soon Dr. Saltzer was fighting the disease. After suffering from a collapsed lung and a remission, he was urged to go “out west” where the dryer weather would be more conducive to a full recovery.

Ultimately, Dr. Saltzer moved to Homedale, Idaho where he put up his shingle. One day he was chatting with the local druggist when a rancher came in looking for veterinary pharmaceuticals for his prize bull. As he described the symptoms to the druggist, Dr. Saltzer recognized the symptoms as an upper respiratory infection of streptococcal origin. Sulfa had just come on the market. Together, Dr. Saltzer and the rancher figured out the dosage and proceeded to the ranch where they administered the medication to the bull.

The bull survived and Dr. Saltzer’s fame spread throughout the rural area. His medical practice in Homedale grew until he eventually moved more than 20 miles to Nampa to be near a hospital.

There, he teamed up with a local surgeon, Dr. Kellogg, and networked with other local physicians while trying to find the best medical solutions for his patients. Eventually, Dr. Saltzer and Dr. Kellogg formed a medical group with Dr. Robert Hay and Dr. Harold Brown.

Originally known as Medical Center Physicians, the name changed in 1999 to Saltzer Medical Group.

After five decades practicing medicine, Dr. Saltzer retired at the age of 76.

In April 2019, Saltzer Medical Group was acquired by Ball Ventures Ahlquist, an Idaho-based development company led by Cortney Liddiard and Tommy Ahlquist, a former emergency room physician.

The name Saltzer Medical Group was changed to Saltzer Health to better reflect the organization’s expanded vision and future as a leader in quality, transparency and low-cost healthcare.

Today, Saltzer Health is the state’s largest independent multi-specialty physician group but the friendly patient-oriented approach that characterized Dr. Saltzer’s practice continues.

Saltzer Health Reviews

At both South and North clinics I'm impressed with overall positive and best practices attitude towards each patient. My primary physician,Dr. Roberts is not only very knowledgeable, but has the hands on experience to manage 90% of my health conditions. Dr. Kaiser's attributes are of the same caliber. My eye care is provided by Dr. Hainsworth and he is excellent as well.I am a paraplegic and my providers and their teams are patient and thoughtful at every encounter.Kudos to Howard, Dr. Roberts' outstanding, informative , excellent follow up and all in one special, kind, caring, knowledgeable angel as I like to describe him.Howard returns all calls promptly. He treats patients with kindness, patience and dignity.My providers are fantastic.I am truly blessed they are in network providers via the Medicare Advantage plan through Pacific Source.read more
Maria Richards
18:08 01 Aug 19
I have been extremely pleased with the doctors I have seen. The staff and the doctors truly care about you. They are attentive to your concerns.read more
Patti Zimmerman
21:48 12 Jul 19
My son saw a PA named Courtney and she was probably one of the best doctors there. I has taken him to a Saint Al's Quick Care because of possible dehydration and all they did was tell me to wait. However when I took him to Courtney, she told me a lot more helpful things and even had a nurse call me to check up on him before they closed. Great service and a great dcotor.read more
Cooki Ceci
15:04 06 Mar 19
I highly recommend Dr. Rick Roberts. I feel he is patient, listens and answers questions thoroughly. I moved from another primary care physician and am very happy I did. I feel much better about my experience with Dr. Roberts and his office.read more
Lisa Kugel
23:20 04 Mar 19
I like so much more my OBGYN because he is always in all appt I have never been seen from a nurse practicioner .
Marisol Rojas
05:51 10 Nov 18
Doctor Affleck and staff were natural and comfortable to be around. They put me at ease and did the needed work in a manner that was timely, yet not hurried. They took time to explain things, and were not coldly overly polite. I would suggest Dr Affleck and all the Dr's and Staff I've experienced at Saltzer.read more
Linda O'Meara
20:53 17 Oct 18
After suffering multiple sinus infections this year, I made an appointment with Dr. Brian Affleck. He is a pleasure to work with and I feel comfortable in his office, which is a big deal for me because I seem to have uncontrollable anxiety about visiting the doctor. I've been to see him a couple of times now and I appreciate Dr. Affleck for listening to my complaints and his desire to figure out what's causing my sinus infections, instead of filling me with pharmaceuticals and patting me on the head.read more
11:40 03 Oct 18